Explanation of the Phenomenon of Scientific Vitality and Dynamism in Scientific Centers from Perspective of Academic Elites: A Study According to "Phenomenology"


Scientific vitality and dynamism is the most important factor of growth and excellence in the scientific centers. Sensitivity of this subject, lack of consensus in definition of “the phenomenon of scientific vitality and dynamism” and lack of a clear explanation of real examples and indicators of the favorable scientific vitality and dynamism in scientific and academic centers, led to this study that analyzed this phenomenon. Data were gathered in semi-structured interviews with 22 participants (12 graduate students and 10 professors of scientific board) by purposive sampling. Also, the Colizzi’s seven- step method was employed for information analysis. The theoretical saturation of data was obtained in fourteenth interview but in order to accreditation findings, it continued to the twenty-second interview. The results of this study were showed to the professors that participating in this research and the results were confirmed. Findings of this research represent reference definitions of “scientific vitality and dynamism” in 4 (individual, team, organizational and social) dimensions, indicators of scientific vitality and dynamism were explained from the systematic perspective to system elements for promoting the development of this phenomenon and moving in the scientific authority.