Nursing Professional Excellence Practical Model: A Qualitative Research Based on Payvar Theory


This article aims at designing a practical model for nursing professional excellence and providing some effective factors based on Payvar or “Grounded Theory” in forming extra role behaviors. This qualitative study was carried out on the basis of Payvar or "Grounded Theory" of Corbin & Strauss copy in 2008. Participants in this study were among nurses and from different ranks. Participants were selected based on assigned indicators, "Snowball Sampling Method". Data are collected through in depth semi-structural interviews. In this study, nineteen interviews were held with fifteen participants. Upon the analysis of the data and doing constant comparisons for the purpose of conceptual accumulation, 1450 primary codes, 35 primary categories,8 sub categories and 3 themes were derived in the frame of a conceptual model consisting of extra role professional behaviors, strategic professional insight, and professional talents management. The research results imply differences between excellence nurses behaviors and their specific characteristics. The emergence of the extra role behaviors need to be encouraged. The role of managers is important in this situation. Deducting the appropriate policy and strategies for emerging extra role behaviors in nurses and improving quality of care services are considered necessary. With the application of the nursing professional excellence model in medical centers, we can ensure the quality of care services and commitment to the persistent improvement of the nursing services.