Presenting "the 10-Step" Model of Human Resources Strategy Formulation Based on Strategic Reference Points (SRP)


In this study, "the 10-Step" model, based on Strategic Reference Point (SRP), internal and external environment analysis, and also a focus group of human resource professionals is developed for Iran petroleum industry. All organizational posts are categorized into 4 groups of paternalistic, secondary, contractual, & commitment, and for each category, fundamental and functional strategies along with subsequent actions are provided. A qualitative research methodology is applied by selecting Delphi and deep interview techniques; and research population includes all staff of a well-known Research Technology Organization (RTO) in Iran petroleum industry. corobining a strategic framework with ameliorating actions enables the organization to provide consolidation and consistency in its human resource systems such as recruitment, labor relations, performance appraisal and compensation. As strategic human resource planning is a key factor in the reinforcement of human resources, presenting strategies scrupulously and connecting them in a streamlined order with organization plans plays a critical role to rectify the main HR problems. This research aims to delineate a comprehensive and step by step model in order to formulate human resource strategy for the studied case and also other organizations