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Vol. 88 No. 27 Autumn 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 1397072810305004507 Strategic Cooperation Between Industrial Companies and New Nanotechnology Businesses: Challenges and Approaches
Mohammad Ali Bahreini Zarch
ali mobini
Ali Mobini Dehkordi
2 13970728101915004508 Conceptual and Strategic Models for Rule of Law in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Seyyed Morteza Nabavi
Seyd Ali Mortazavian
3 139707281029445004509 Study on Possibility of Scenario Building for Crisis Management in Tehran (Case Study: Earthquake)
Mohaddeseh Azimi
AliAsghar Pourezzat
4 13970728103675004510 The Strategy of Educational Quality Improvement in Islamic Iran's Higher Education System
Mohammad Nagh Iman
Elaheh Eivazi
5 139707281041395004511 Examination of the Semantic System of Citizens from Time in Terms of Understanding, Interpretation and their Experience of Time and Temporality in Everyday Life
Zahra Zakeri Nasrabadi
Mohammad Javad Zahedi
Moahammad Amin Ghanei Raad
Amir Maleki
6 139707281145475004512 Saudi Arabia's Militant Regional Policies Versus the Islamic Republic of Iran (2003-2017): Reasons, Objectives and Consequences
mohamadbagher heshmatzadeh
yasser ghaemi
laila jomor
7 13970728180385004517 Recognition of Components of Defense Culture and National Power in the Supreme Leader's Intellectual System
Abolfazl Pourmanafi
Davod Doagoyan
Mohammad Sohrabi
8 13970728185525004518 The Scrutiny of Barriers Pattern in Implementation of Meta-policies on Fighting Against Drugs in Iran
Salman Zali
Mohammadreza Atarodi
hasan danaee fard

Vol. 87 No. 27 Summer 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 1397052185215004264 A Review of the Application of Prospective Methods: A Systematic Review
Fatemeh Kanaani
Alireza Hassanzadeh
Sha'ban Elahi
Seyed Habibollah Tabatabaeian
2 1397052192225004265 A Model for Evaluating Readiness for Strategic Change in Energy Sector Organizations
Mohsen Nazar
ali Heidari
3 139705211558395004266 Identification and Pathology of Research Governance Framework in the Field of Social Sciences in the I.R of Iran
mojtaba Javadi
hasan danaee fard
4 139705211610485004267 An Analysis of the Relevance of Good Islamic Urban Governance in the Deepening of Islamic Iranian Progress Model
Mohammad Ali Firouzi
Mahyar Sajjadian
5 139705211621585004268 Strategies to Understand Islamophobia on the Basis of Orientalism
Abbas Isazadeh
Seyed Hossein Sharafoddin
Seyed Hossein Akhavan Alavi
6 139705211631115004269 Role of Good Governance and Resistance Economy in Urban Development
Hadi Dadkhah
Gholamreza Zamanian
Nazar Dehmardeh Ghaleno
7 139705211643465004270 The Concept of Planning Culture: Effects of Cognitive Frames of Planners on the Spatial Planning Practices
Mohammad Hossein Sharifzadegan
8 13970521164945004271 A Critique of Modern Peace Theory (Towards Classical Peace Theory Based on Iranian History)
Seyed Javad Tahaee

Vol. 86 No. 27 Spring 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139703071654485004017 Extracting and Prioritizing Strategies for Achieving Scientific Authority an Importance- Performance Analysis (IPA)
Meysam Latifi
Reza Tahmaseby BlukAbad
mojtaba Javadi
Mohammad Hasan Mirzaee Howshaki
2 139703071715545004019 Formation of Entrepreneurial Behaviors with an Emphasis on the Role of Identity and Passion
Raheleh Ghannadi
Fatemeh Eivazi
3 139703071721105004021 Identification and Analysis of the Driving Forces in the Trend of Improving Economic Value Added to Develop Corporate Foresight
4 139703071725575004022 Securitization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia Cyber-Tensions; Threats and Strategic Requirements
Mohammad Davand
Ahmad Soltani Nejad
5 139703071746425004025 Jurisdiction Over the Violation of Trademarks in Virtual Space in the US Jurisprudence
Maryam Ghorbanifar
6 139703071750335004026 Assessing Passive Defense Considerations in the Design of Sustainable Residential Buildings Against Military Threats
Seyed Mohammadmahdi Safavi Homami
Seyed Behshid Hosseini
Alireza Andalib
7 13970307180165004027 Toward Integration in the Public Policy Making: the Unique Body of Governance and Public Policy
Seyed Mehdi Miry
Abdolhossein Khosropanah
Ali Hamidizadeh
Seyed Hossein Akhavan Alavi
Mohammadhossein Rahmati

Vol. 85 No. 26 Winter 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13961123932405003746 Evaluating and Reducing the Discursive Gap between Cultural Organizations and Audiences According to Brain Lateralization
Ali Noori Motlagh
2 139611231013585003747 Knowledge Based Human Resource Architecture (A Model Based on the Advantage of Networks)
Ali Rezaee Mirghaed
Mir Ali Seyed Naghavi
Hamed Dehghanan
3 139611231044175003748 A Search for Good Governance: Towards the Sustainable Governance Model
mohamad rahim eivazi
Mohammad Rahim Eivazi
Mohammad Rahim Eivazi
4 139611231049205003749 Explaining Relationship Between Effective Environmental Factors and Cultural Strategic Planning
Akbar Bahmani
Reza Zare
Hamed Fazeli Kebria
5 139611231055485003750 Morphology of Organized Criminal Groups in Cyberspace
Jafar Koosha
Hossein Roozegar
6 139611231113545003751 Prioritization of Developing Nuclear Technology Applications in Iran by Using TOPSIS Approach (Case Study: Sub-sectors of Agriculture, Industry and Medicine)
abbas majdabadi
7 139611231117365003752 Impact of National Interests on Human Rights in World Trade Organization
Ehsan Fallahi
Mohammad Jafar Javadi Arjmand
8 139611231123145003753 Methodological Critique of Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress: an Economic Perspective
Abdolhamid Moarrefi Mohammadi

Vol. 84 No. 26 Autumn 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13960801821515003391 Strategic and Critical Analysis of Codified Postulates of Futures Studies
Mehdi Ahmadian
AliAsghar Pourezzat
2 13960801838175003392 Institutional Model of Regional Strategic Foresight in the Governance System of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Hassanali Asghari
Hakem ghasemi
Einollah Keshavarz Turk
3 13960801853185003393 Obstacles against Oil Industry Development Considering Factors Responsible for Stagnation in Iranian Industry during the Time Period of 2004 to 2014
Ahmad Saei
Maryam Pashang
4 1396080191255003394 Sanctions Experience; A Strategy for Identifying Vulnerabilities and the Realization of Resistance Economy in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Mohsen Bayat
5 13960801920345003395 Doctrine of Responsibility to Protect: Explaining the Approach of Great Powers to Crises in Libya and Yemen
Nozar Shafiee
6 13960801927535003396 An Overview on the Main Policies in Formulating and Implementing Environmental Education Approaches in the Sixth Development Plan of Iran
Mohammad Birjandi
Seyed Mohammad Shobeiri
maryam larijani
7 139608011056565003397 Economic Diplomacy: An Approach to Improve Iran’s National Power
masoud mousavi shafaee
Hemmat Imani
8 1396080111235003398 Evaluation of Media Policy Making in IRIB: the Case Study of Media Vision Document
Ahmad Pakzad
Ali Khajeh Naieni

Vol. 83 No. 26 Summer 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13960426811545003136 The Pathology of Barriers to the Integration of Information Systems in E-Government
Ali Khishvand
Sadigheh Mohammad Esmaeil
Fahimeh Babalhavaeji
Fatemeh Nooshinfard
2 13960426822415003137 Evaluation of Public Policy on Subsidies (through Marsh and McConnell’s Framework)
Rahmatollah Gholipour
Javad Attaran
Babak Vatandoost
3 13960426834215003138 Missile Technology and the I.R of Iran’s Defense- Security Strategy
4 13960426920235003139 A Study of the Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Financial Development and Energy Consumption on International Tourism and Economic Growth Nexus
Majid Aghaee
Yousef Eisazadeh Roshan
5 13960426955365003140 The Assessment of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Defense Diplomacy in Current Situation
Hossein Dehghan
Foruzandeh Jafarzadepoor
6 13960426102415003141 Some Scenarios for Political Currents in Iran in 2025
Farhad Abbasi
7 139604261021325003142 A Framework for the Development of Scientific Diplomacy in the Islamic Republic of Iran: the Perspectives of Experts, Officials of Scientific Organizations and Diplomats
Mohammad Saeed Taslimi
Khalil Nowrouzi
ahmad makhdoumi
mehdi hajari
8 139604261033365003143 Environment; Multiple Concepts in Humanities
Zahra Saeidabadi
shahnaz hashemi
Mohammad Soltanifar
9 139604261043195003144 Analyzing the Possibility of Reference to the Constitution by Administrative Justice Court
Hojatollah Alamolhoda
10 139604261051495003145 A Study of Strategic Capabilities of the Free Zone of Chabahar along with Geopolitical Weight and National Power of Iran (From Iran’s Internal, Regional and International Perspectives)
Ebrahim Ahmadi

Vol. 82 No. 26 Spring 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139603271027355003002 The Necessity of Criminalization of International Crimes and its Models
mohammad faraji
2 139603271033575003003 A Strategic Analysis of the Concept of "Law" in Principle 138 of the Constitution
Masoumeh Fadaee Joybari
3 139603271040375003004 Criminal Strategies in Modern Banking; Emphasizing Electronic Signature
hosein mirmohamadsadeghi
afshin azarimatin
4 139603271047355003005 Relationship Between Evolution of Family and the Theory of the State in Contemporary Iran
Mohammad Jalali
5 139603271052415003006 The Effect of Judicial Factors on Prison Population
Seyyed Mahmoud Mirkhalili
Taghi Yaguobi
6 13960327111365003007 Feasibility Study of Establishing International Nuclear Criminal Court; Challenges, Strategies and Achievements
Ghafur Khoeini
7 13960327117255003008 An Overview of the Article 12 of the "Organization and Procedure of Administrative Justice Court" Act
Seyyed Shahaboddin Mousavizadeh Markeah
Hassan Garousi
8 139603271113435003009 The New Haven School in International Law: Interaction between Power and International Law Revisited
Mohsen Mohebi
Soheila Ebrahimi Loye
9 139603271120305003010 An Analytical-Critical Investigation of Differences Between Had and Ta’zir
Rahim Nobahar
Amir Erfanifar
10 139603271125495003011 The Theory of Separation of Governance and Administration on Privatization (With an Emphasis on the Evolution of the Role of Government and the Private Sector)
Mohammadreza Pasban
Maryam Alimohammadi
11 139603271131135003012 Effectiveness of Parliament and Ways to Promote it in Domestic Law
Askar Jalalian
12 139603271134465003013 A Reductionist Approach to Capital Punishment in Iranian Criminal Law
Mohsen Borhani
Mohammad Amin Radmand
13 13960327114255003014 The Duties of Securities and Exchange Organization in Crime Prevention
14 139603271146135003015 The Policy of Reducing Prison Population in Legislative System of Islamic Republic of Iran
Hamid bahremand

Vol. 81 No. 25 Winter 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13951224140355002783 Extracting Key Indicators of Research Development Based on Ishikawa Fuzzy Delphi in Healthcare Sector
Amirali Seifoddin Asl
Fatemeh Saghafi
Mahdi Hamidi
Mohammad Askarian
2 139512241427535002784 The Ritual Communication in Order to Promote Development Discourse in Iran (Case Study: Iranian 20-Year Outlook for 1404)
Alireza Bagheri dehabadi
Ali Akbar Farhangi
Mohammad Soltanifar
Afsane Mozaffari
3 13951224157595002785 University in the Process of Sustainable Development from Resistance Economy
Rohollah Bagherymajd
Mir Mohammad SydabbassZadeh
Mohammad Hassani
Yadollah Mehralizade
Ebrahim SalehiOmran
4 13951224152505002787 Urban Air Pollution and Strategic Responsibility of the State in the Light of Environmental Security
Masoud Faryadi
5 139512241531155002788 Hydropolitics and National Security (Case study: Persian Gulf Countries)
shamsedin Sadeghi
6 139512241539145002789 Analysis of the Water Resources Resilience in Land Governance Process of the Iranian Plateau
7 139512241549545002790 IRIB and Social Capital in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Abilities and Challenges
Ali Darabi
8 13951225827335002791 Evolutions in NATO Missions and the Need for Strengthening Supervisory System in International LAW (NATO Responsibility Strategy)
Mahmood Mohammadi
Abumohammad Asgarkhani
9 13951225841485002792 Future Engineering Method in Complex Systems
Ali Mobini Dehkordi
Hassan Bashiri
10 13951225852215002793 The Challenge in Education of Qualitative Content Methodology in Urbanism Studies (Quality Analysis to the Reliability of Results)
Reza kheyroddin
Ebrahim Dalaei Milan
11 139512259355002794 A Model to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Organization's Strategies of Potential and Actual Risks
Maryam Dehghan Baghi
Mahdi Afkhamiardakani
Maryam Ayoubi
Noshin Heydari
12 1395122591325002795 Good Urban Governance: The Prioritization of Components and Indicators
AliAsghar Adinehvand
Mahid Alian

Vol. 80 No. 25 Autumn 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139510261136395002595 Competitive Strategy and Diplomacy of Great Powers in Latin America
Behnam Donyajoo
2 13951026115255002597 A Comparative Study of Look to Israel in Iran′s Foreign Policy (A Case Study of Pahlavist and Islamist Discourse)
Mohammad Jafar Javadi Arjmand
3 13951026126415002599 Developments in Ukraine and Its Impact on the International System
Saeed Vosoughi
Asgar safari
Saeedeh Moradifar
4 139510261216325002600 Future Prospects of Geo-energy in the Persion Gulf and Iran′s Status
leila rahmati
hadi ajili
5 139510261225515002601 The Conflict Pattern of Regional and Global Actors In the Civil Wars of Iraq and Syria (2011-2015)
Ali Asghar Sotoudeh
6 139510261612335002602 Arctic Ocean: Operational Stage of the 21st Century or the Rise of Russia
Hossein Arab
7 139510261618295002603 Political Competition and the Strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Defining the Desirable Situation
Seyed Mohammadreza Hosseini
8 139510261624415002604 International Liability of Non-state Actors in Outer Space
Hossein Navadeh Toupchi
Vahid Bazzar
9 13951027826205002606 The Necessity of a Transnational Perspective on Energy Security
Ahmad Saei
Maryam Pashang
10 13951027833565002607 Relationship Between Using the Political Content of Domestic Foreign Websites and Electoral Political Participation: A Case Study of Hamadan Citizens
Hossein Rezaii
Shahla Kazemipour
11 13951027850305002608 Powerand Re-definition of Urban Planning Theory (with an Emphasis on Political Economy in Oil-Based Economies)
Javad Imani Shamlou
Mojtaba Rafeian
12 1395102796535002609 Powerand Re-definition of Urban Planning Theory (with an Emphasis on Political Economy in Oil-Based Economies)
maryam sheykholeslami
Seyed Mohammad Shobeiri

Vol. 79 No. 25 Summer 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139507051231355002315 Multilateralism, China's Strategy in Central Asia
Amir Roshan
Mohammad Reza Faraji
Vahid Ranjbar Heidary
2 139507051240515002316 A Flexible Structure, the Key Success of D-8 in the Future
Sohrab Shahabi
Sheyda Nematollahi
3 139507051251455002317 Investigating the Effects of Organizational Supervision by Using an Islamic Approach on Administrative Corruption in Public Organizations of Iran
Amin Nikpour
Alireza Manzary Tavakoli
Sanjar Salajegheh
Masoud Pourkiani
Alireza Arabpour
4 1395070513465002318 Political Trust: A Comparative Approach between European Countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran
Karamollah Daneshfard
Maryam Adibzadeh
5 139507051316505002320 Legal Challenges of Using Production Sharing Contracts in the Iranian Oil and Gas Industry
Seyed Nasrollah Ebrahimi
Roohollah Kohan Hooshnejad
6 139507051322535002322 The Third Development Program (2000-2004): Context, Goals, Successes and Failures
Abbas Mosalanejad
Asghar Mohammadzadeh
7 1395070683835002330 Political Future Studies
8 13950706846145002331 Political Socialization; a Context for Relational Marketing
Mohammad Talari
masoud mousavi shafaee
9 13950706855505002332 Explanation of the Phenomenon of Scientific Vitality and Dynamism in Scientific Centers from Perspective of Academic Elites: A Study According to "Phenomenology"
Zeinab Mohammadzadeh
Keyvan Salehi
10 1395070694285002333 Pathology of Regional Development Management in Iran and Selecting an Optimal Managerial Pattern
Keramatollah Ziari
Alireza Mohammadi
11 139507061531515002335 Science and Technology Macro Intermediary Institutions; a Paradigmatic Model: the Case Study of Science and Technology Vice Presidency
Mohammad Saeed Taslimi
Khalil Nowrouzi
Mohammad Abdolhosseinzadeh
Mojtaba Javadi
12 139508221254165002424 Preventive Surveillance: Security Versus Freedom
Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadi
Mohammad Shamei

Vol. 78 No. 25 Spring 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139504131254505002070 Strategic Research Methodology to Design and Develop the Desired Pattern
2 13950413132365002071 The United States and International Criminal Court: Policies Pendulum, Confrontation or Interaction
Jamshid Momtaz
Masoud Akbari
3 139504131314225002072 Public Diplomacy Strategies of the United States in the Middle East: Comparative Assessment under Bush and Obama Administrations
Seyed Davood Aghaei
yaser Nooralivand
Alireza Samoudi
Ebrahim Bagheri
4 139504131355395002073 Moral Guidelines in Dealing with Cyberspace: Relationship between Cultural and Moral Relativism in Communication Age
Mohammad Saeid Erfani
5 13950413141555002074 Requirements of Political Science Education in Iran in the Information Age
Rouhollah Eslami
6 13950413149135002075 Forward Deployed Status of US Nuclear Weapons in the Context of the Universality of American Interests
Mehdi Dehnavi
Saeid Ghorbani
7 139504131416445002076 Exploring the Challenges and Solutions of Legal Regime of the Caspian Sea
Mohammad Reza Hakkakzade
Arezoo Bozorg Doagoo
8 13950413145575002079 Regional Security System in the Persian Gulf and its Impact on National Security of Post-Saddam Iraq
Farzad Rostami
Mohammad Saleh Ayoman
Karam Reza Habili
9 139504131551195002081 Protection of Minority Rights in Light of National Security
reza eslami
fateme Mohseni Jayhani
10 139504131558565002082 ECO: Tactical and Pragmatist Alies or Strategic and Interest Orinted Rivals
Vahid zolfaghari
Ali Akbar Jafari
11 1395041316735002083 Stolen Assets Recovery and International Anti-Corruption Law
Mohammad Sharif Shahi
Ameneh Dehshiri
Ghodratolah Norozi
12 139504131615155002084 Strategic Analysis of New Approaches to Governance in Metropolitan Areas in Europe: the Case of Barcelona and London
Qadir Siami
Baratali Khakpour
Mohammad Rahim Rahnama
13 139504131621385002085 The Strategies to Make Sanctions Ineffective (Case Study: Unit 106 of Phase 19 of South Pars Project)
Sajjad Shokouhyar
Sajjad Shokouhyar

Vol. 77 No. 24 Winter 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139505231323555002180 Presenting "the 10-Step" Model of Human Resources Strategy Formulation Based on Strategic Reference Points (SRP)
Ehsan Mehrabanfar
2 139505231339375002181 The Concept of Environmental Justice and Its Reflection on Regional and International Documents
Reza Asadi Khomami
3 139505231349595002182 Responsibility to Protect Doctrine: a Comparative Study of the Approaches Taken by P5 to Crises in Lybia and Syria
4 139505231355525002183 International Security in the Third Millennium and Charter's Challenges to Address New Threats )Changing conditions and the balance of power(
Mohammad Ahani Amineh
5 13950523147185002184 International Responsibility of States Sending Weapons to Terrorist Groups in Syria
6 139505231413215002185 Developing Favorable Strategies in News Coverage Management of Nuclear Crisis for IRIB TV (According to the scenario of the continuation of sanctions)
7 139505231443175002186 Analysis of Self Defense in the Statute of the Permanent International Criminal Court
Nasim Chitgar
Faeze Eivazi
8 139505231449185002187 Life-world or system, Life-world and system (Incorporation in Habermas's Ideas)
farhad Bayani
9 13950523145745002188 Feasibility of Forming Regional System in the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council
Mohsen Shokri
10 13950523152175002189 Confrontation between Islam and Liberalism in Approaching Democracy
11 139505231531305002190 Real Exchange Rate Effect on Non-Oil Trade Balance (Experimental Comparison of between Iran and Turkey)
12 139505231540295002191 Nursing Professional Excellence Practical Model: A Qualitative Research Based on Payvar Theory
13 1395052316505002192 Analyzing Relationships between Human Resources Strategies, Organizational Commitment, and Perceived Organizational Support among the Employees of the Organizations Run by the Judicial System in Ilam Province

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